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Bogdan Pool & Spa Service has been servicing swimming pools, spas and fountains for residents of North County San Diego since 2003. We understand that when you are looking for someone to service your pool or spa, you are looking for a company that provides both professionalism and knowledge, as well as a company that consistently shows up on time. While we specialize in providing our customers with weekly service, we also offer “chemical only” or one-time services without setting up a maintenance program. In addition, we are an insured member of the United Pool Association.

  1. Pool Service (weekly)

  2. Pool Service (chemical only)

  3. Fountain Service (weekly or semi-monthly)

  4. Spa Service (weekly or semi-monthly)

  5. Filter Cleaning

  6. “Green to Clean” Service

  7. One Time Cleanups

  8. Vacation Maintenance Service

  9. Tile Cleaning & Repairs

  10. Acid Washing

  11. Automation Installation & Upgrades

  12. Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

  13. Pool and Spa Drain, Refill & Balance

  14. Salt System Maintenance & Conversions


Did you know?

Your swimming pool water collects minerals over time, causing "parts-per-million" to exceed recommend levels. When this happens many things start to go wrong with your pool such as the inability to balance chemicals, buildup of calcium on the pool tile, and water that makes your skin itchy. To best deal with this problem we recommend a drain and fill every 3-5 years depending on the size of your pool. Sound like your pool?

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